the agency

Meredith Model & Talent Agency is one of the most prominent talent agencies in the Midwest. Meredith opened in 1977 in New Jersey under the direction of Joyce Meredith, a Minneapolis girl who began modeling at the age of fourteen before continuing her career in the East. Meredith Model & Talent, which Joyce began out of her home, went on to become one of the most respected agencies on the East Coast. The agency philosophy was based on what Joyce cares about most - integrity, perseverance and compassion. These qualities aided many aspiring models to succeed in their careers. In 1987 Joyce set a precedent by winning a lawsuit against the New Jersey Department of Labor to guarantee models the right to be independent contractors, ensuring that they would always be free to work with the agency of their choice. Joyce remains active in major contract negotiations and serves as a consultant for Meredith Models East in New Jersey and Meredith Model & Talent Agency in St. Paul, Minnesota.

In March of 1991, Stacy Meredith left her career in advertising and photography in New York City and opened a second office, Meredith Model & Talent in St. Paul, Minnesota. Her goal has been to continue her mother’s tradition of leadership by providing superior quality and professional service, while maintaining the highest ethical standards. With its continual presence as a leader in the Midwest for models and actors, Meredith represents over 1,000 women, men and children ranging from infants to seniors while always scouting for fresh talent. As a full service commercial agency, SAG/AFTRA franchised, Meredith continues to develop and promote talent to clientele both locally and nationally for print advertising, film, TV, radio and fashion assignments.

Meredith’s professionalism, effective and clear communication and a dedicated and focused vision are qualities that the agency executes with all its talent and clientele.